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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Walking on Sunshine

Today I hiked up on the San Francisco Peaks. I took the Weatherford trail, my favorite one. All the wildflowers are in seed, the brackens have died, and the grasses and aspens are in full glory.
The views are spectacular up there. Oh, and you can see an example of a panorama (there's a horse in that picture). I'm not sure why I could post one this time.

Job update: My phone interview went well enough (though it was cut short because my phone died). The nursury manager and president of the board of directors both sounded passionate and professional. The foundation seems great, but its in Los Angelos. The Theodore Payne Foundation really needs someone and practically offered me the nursury sales position job. Sadly, they need somebody soon. I've thought about taking the position and discussed it with my parents and the people at The Arboretum. And I thought about it during my hike.

I've decided that I'm not ready to leave Flagstaff yet. I've got a good thing going here even though it may not last longer than the end of December (The Arb thinks they can fund me to the beginning of February and my supervisors hopes to keep me on beyond that). Besides there are other benefits to staying till the end of December. I can make my Christmas plans final with my family. The lease on the apartment ends in February so I wouldn't leave me roommate hanging. And I get to work through the winter helping to care for the greenhouse, designing signs for the garden, and continuing my work on the parking area project (mixed feelings about this last one). Finally, I will be honoring a prior kind-of-commitment with The Arboretum. Everything will work out.


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